Candidate for unesco’s world heritage status

In order to become a candidate for registering on UNESCO's World Heritage List, a place, monument or group of monuments (commonly referred to as serial properties) must prove its uniqueness.

After an in-depth study of Djerba, its history, its cultural, architectural and urban specificities, we reached a unanimous conclusion: the island exhibits unique features; therefore, giving it the right to apply as world heritage.

However, in order to recognize a property on a global level, it is compulsory to prove that an effort of conservation, restoration and public awareness has already been undertaken on a local scale. Conservation and restoration works have begun with the sole aim of preserving the ancient Djerba for future generations. It is now time to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of this island, its culture, history and monuments.

I support the initiative to classify the island of Djerba as a world heritage site