A well-preserved history

Despite the passage of time and the rapid expansion of touristic activity in Djerba, the island has managed to preserve the land use that makes it so special in the eyes of the world as tourism has only developed the coast, long neglected by the ancients.

The culture of discretion, deeply rooted in each Djerbian, has ensured that this mode of urbanization which is still flourishing. The new housing units are all as far apart as those built by the ancestors and the small and extended family nucleus is still viewed as sacred among the inhabitants of Djerba.

However, many of the island's monuments are in danger and colossal efforts will be needed to conserve them. It is for this reason that the island needs more protectors of its uniqueness. The Association for the Safeguarding of the Island of Djerba and the Tunisian State are already active in their efforts of preservation of Djerba's rich heritage, but a recognition of the island by the world's highest cultural and heritage authorities would greatly help, giving Djerba the means to fulfil its ambitions.

If you wish to increase the chances of Djerba becoming a world heritage landmark, you can take a few seconds to sign your name in the Golden Book present on this site.

The more the support for Djerba’s candidacy, the stronger its chances will be, as the initiative will come not only from the State, its ministries and civil society, but also from a large number of individuals who are concerned about preserving the history of each region and each monument of this great country that is Tunisia.

I support the initiative to classify the island of Djerba as a world heritage site