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By signing, I declare my unconditional support for the registration of Djerba on UNESCO's World Heritage List in order to preserve it for future generations.


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01 Candidate for unesco’s world heritage status


Candidate for unesco’s world heritage status

In order to become a candidate for registering on UNESCO's World Heritage List, a place, monument or group of monuments (commonly referred to as serial properties) must prove its uniqueness.

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02 What makes it unique


What makes it unique

At the time of the Republic of Carthage and the Roman Empire and due its exceptional geographical position, Djerba was the main gateway to North Africa

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03 A well-preserved history


A well-preserved history

Despite the passage of time and the rapid expansion of touristic activity in Djerba, the island has managed to preserve the land use that makes it so special in the eyes of the world as tourism has only developed the coast, long neglected by the ancients.

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